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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Baby Quilt

I made a quilt for a friend when she had her first baby, a girl, a few years ago. When she became pregnant with her 2nd, this year, she asked for another. After getting her approval of the fabric, I set to work. One pleasant afternoon making a quilt gave me a sense of accomplishment and helped to take away my unsettled attitude.

Started off with traditional batting. I don't much care for the iron-on. (I don't own an iron.) I don't mind the stretch of this one, and like that it can be manipulated, if needed.

Pinned together the flannel backing and the fabric (cotton-rayon blend). So cute!

Added the quilting in 6" stripes across the fabric, after sewing around the edges.

Pinned up the binding, tucking the corners and pinning carefully.

And, the finished product! There's nothing so cozy as a home-made quilt. Hopefully, this will serve for much more than bed decoration. The corners are reinforced and the stitches are tiny and tight, to add to resilience. It should be durable enough to spread on the floor for 'tummy time.'

No pattern needed. Just cut rectangles.

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