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Monday, March 8, 2010

Think Spring: The Tangerine Baby Doll

We've had such an incredible winter, I just couldn't help but start on some spring clothing, with the near 60 degree temperatures today! This is Butterick Pattern 5375:

Now that the 80s styles are back in, I can't rock the short denim mini and leggings like I did as a teen; but, I love the babydoll dresses with leggins and ballet slippers! Its figure-skimming lines and clean, slight a-line skirt are flattering for everyone.

In honor of the coming Spring, I chose one of my favorite colors (I do love all things orange - tangerine, melon, cantaloupe, etc.) -- tangerine. Its bright and sunny.

I used a simple, two-way stretch knit (remember to use seam binding or interfacing, or you'll make yourself psychotic). I double-stitched all the seams for extra stretch and longevity.

And, because I had leftover fabric, just for kicks, I tried out a new pattern and made matching hip-hugger panties. I used apricot colored hem tape to finish off the edges and muslin to line the crotch.

This is Mccall's pattern 5651:

The cami and slip are nice patterns, but the bras have little or no support, so they are not for women with cleavage. I've tried lining them with pre-formed bra cups, but no real luck, yet. I'll keep at it!

Next on the table is a reaper cape for my son for his Renn Faire outfit for this summer. More on that later!

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Tammy's Dress Photo

Just thought I'd put up a quick pic of my sister, at the final fitting for her dress. The flat lace isn't laying flat around the neckline, so I'll need to tack that down on the edges, but otherwise, it came out beautifully!

And, here's one of my niece now with the hook n eye closure on her skirt:

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tammy's Dress Complete

YAY! I finally received the beautiful lace I found on Ebay. And, now, have a completed dress for my sister. Here is the lovely 2 3/8" flat lace around the sleeves:

And, the complete dress:

You can see the split oversleeve and the inner sleeve, with the contrast lining. Very similar to the dress I did for my daughter, but with some modifications.

You can see the front insert panel of the contrast color (in this case, ivory). And, finally, you see my husband holding up the dress, without the hangar:

You can see that the lace on the waistline and collar is different. Its an ivory to match the off-white contrast.

And, remember, its just a modified version of Butterick pattern 4571. I eliminated the laced back and replaced it with a fold-over hook n eye closure (to allow for bra wearing), added a fold-over bussle to the back rear, and made the skirt fuller for a more defined a-line appearance.

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