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Friday, January 4, 2013


When I look back upon 2012, 1 word comes leaping to mind: Acceptance. I've had big lessons in accepting a myriad of things:
1. Me - I'm a middle-aged woman; curvier than I used to be; eyes etched with laugh lines; sober; pescetarian but leaning toward vegetarianism; environmentalist; conservationist; artist; partner; parent; grandparent; graying; still learning and growing and becoming; teacher and student.
2. Relationships - some are so fabulous that I cannot believe my luck; some had to be released in 2012; some may revive; some may die; they do not define me.
3. Work - at an impasse after 20 years in my field; wanting transition or relief, but unsure of direction; waiting for guidance.
4. Faith - out of the broom closet, so to speak, fully; re-avowed to study and craft.
5. Powerlessness - I can change only myself; control only myself. Some things I am not meant to understand, despite my own desire to do so. I am not the director of my life's stage, rather, an observer.
6. Future - it is always unsure; never certain. I'm OK with that. I don't need to project what will happen. I like being focused on RIGHT NOW.

This is my first piece of the year. I've been long fascinated with symbology and imagery. I sat with her a while, but realize that she doesn't want a face, so that everyone can add their own, if they wish.