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Friday, December 3, 2010

New Projects

I have absolutely no excuse for failure to post in any reasonable time frame. I have been working on a few things, but have just been so busy, that I didn't get it up. So, here's a quickie quarter in review:

With the colder temperatures and the weather becoming grayer, I wanted to focus on warm, comfortable clothes for the season. I started with the gray sweatsuit:

Its really yoga/lounge pants with a draw-string waist, plus a pull-over hoodie. I made the hood very deep, so as to be a comfy cover for the whole head (this is great to sleep in and pull over your eyes when its not dark enough or for daytime naps).

Please pay no attention to my filthy sewing room! LOL

Next, I created a nightie in similar fashion (and using the same fabric -- a jersey stretch double-knit):

Both came from the Butterick pattern above.

Then, I decided that I'd like a dress wrap for the holiday season. So, out came the maroon satin, and the same old gray jersey for this:

Ok, I'm not looking my best, here (was in the nightie mentioned above), but you get the idea.

A pretty white, frog, fabric closure at the neck...

You'd be absolutely shocked how warm this actually is with that jersey in there!

Then, I decided that I wanted some coordinates. And, with my recent, unfortunate weight gain, I needed some new tops (amazing how any weight gain drops RIGHT there). So, I used this tiny, navy checked fabric for a simple tunic:


Since I had some leftover scraps, I added a matching scarf (all the rage, this season!)...

And, a matching tote (for shopping):

All in all, it was quite productive. There are 3 skirts cut out and waiting for me to get started on. And, I need to get a new few pair of pants to go along with. I've found a liking for palazza pants (similar to what I used in my brown pants suit):

Super comfy!
Remember: create with abandon! In Paula Dean-esque form: Love from my sewing room to your's.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

In review

Since I've been inordinately lazy in posting, lately, I thought I'd hasten (and, make up) by posting a Year In Review....Here are some of the photos of the work I've done in the last year:
Starting with, of course, the gold brocade...the highlight of my collection.

the black and green chemise with the black first attempts at renaissance garb.

the pirate...

the cape...

the blue summer dress with princess seams and the tie back...

the pirate jacket that was added to the affair...

lets NOT forget the boots...

the tangerine baby doll for fall weather...

the baby poncho

the brown pants set for work

the fairy dress....

the beautiful brocade

kate's angelic lady's mantel

storm's bussled skirt, bodice, and blouse

tammy's irish green

This is not ALL of the items made this year, just a recap of some of the more interesting ones. Next year, I look forward to learning to make SHOES...yep. I've purchased some tools and patterns and plan to work on it in the dark nights of winter :)

until then, be fearless, create, and LOVE.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Blue Dress

OK, so I finally got off my lazy butt and started back to my sewing machine. The real problem is: I live in a 100+ year-old house without central ventilation. We can only afford to run window air-conditioning units in the one section of the downstairs (where we congregate most of the time), which leaves my sewing room BOILING hot.

The fabric I chose was so loosely woven, that I used a rolled, french hem on the bottom and "Fray Stop" on every single edge, inside. You can see the front panels laying here to await the drying of the "Fray Stop."

This is another view of the drying, while the whole thing was together. It was really a super-simple pattern, completely done in a few hours. I'd cut it out in advance and just had to spin a bobbin in the matching thread color to get started.

This is just before I added the sleeves. You can see the princess seaming in the front. Quite flattering on any shape, if its left just a little big.

This is the ties in the back, which brings it into a flattering fold. There's a slight A-line in the skirt, so that it has a billowy finish at the bottom hem. Floor length.

This is New Look pattern by Simplicity. What a nice, simple project! And, immediate gratification, my favorite kind!

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Maxi Skirt

Everyone knows that the maxi-shirt is all the rage for summer. I, personally, love the long, flowing A-line look and flattering fit. I used Butterick Pattern 3133, shown above.

This was a super-simple, quick pattern to throw together. Simple elastic waist, clean lines, basic hem.

I used a blue checked double stretch knit. The stretch of the fabric presented the usual challenges, but it was otherwise a 2 hour project from start to finish, including cutting and pinning.

All finished, matched with a pretty, yellow polo shirt and flip flops.

There's nothing like a flowing summer skirt.

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VARF Dress

This is the lovely dress that I made for VARF...

It is Simplicity pattern 9891. I chose a royal purple with a gray-blue chiffon for the trim and sleeves. The chiffon can be more than a little difficult to work with, so french seams are always best.

This is me checking the dress for fit.

With a freaky light from my eyes...LOL.

Here it is completely accessorized with the fan, basket, straw hat, and coined scarf to match.
It was soooooooo incredibly hot. Here are a few more photos from the faire, just because:

Overall, it was much fun, and there were wonderful musicians.

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