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Thursday, April 18, 2013


Serenity is not is withIN.
Others cannot fulfill my needs....they are withIN.
I needn't look outside myself for answers...they are withIN.
My Goddess isn't in the sky...She is withIN.
After years of external focus, I've finally found the intelligence, the guidance, the Goddess withIN.
And, she is LOVE.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Male Energy

Sometimes, I become very preoccupied with feminine energy, as it is the most plentiful for me. Then, I forget the beauty of the male. I also forget that we are all energy of both genders....that gender is merely a characteristic assigned by society rather than a truth.

I forget the beauty of the interlocking nature of the male body with the female's.....

The passion enflamed by reviewing the hard planes and curves of the male as opposed to the soft roundness of the female...

The complementary nature of our twin...

Do I not possess his tenacity, his lust, his energy? Of course I do.
Does he not possess my creativity, my passion, my serenity? Of course he does.

We are ONE. There is no clear definition of masculine or feminine. Instead, there are physical differences and societal dictates. I will choose my own story.