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Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Little Things

Sometimes, its not the "big" pieces that matter...not the ones you plan to "say something" with.

Sometimes, its the little, simple things you do...things meant as a gift, holding love in your heart for the person intended.
Sometimes, those are the ones that mean the very most...the ones you craft with adoration and care.
I noticed, again, that it took several layers to get the effect I wanted, and this is only step 1. I want to add glimmer (step 2); and lettering for my granddaughter's room (step 3).
Because, after all, isn't life all about building the layers? Layers of relationships, deepening or shallowing, as we move toward and away from each other. Layers of understanding, tentative steps forward and racing back, as we come to acceptance.
I'll keep working. On layers.


  1. I'll keep working on layers, too ;o) I can't wait to see the painting finished ;o)