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Friday, March 29, 2013


I've had an awful lot of thought lately about the difficulties and challenges of life. There's no secret that we, like many, are struggling through the slow economy and tight job markets that have become common place in our society, today.

I'm tired of the finger pointing and blaming that happens when people become frightened and desperate. I have my own beliefs about politics, the corruption of government, and a self-perpetuating system which abuses those they claim to represent. It is neither here nor there.

I believe my function is this: to accept. There are many flaws around me, but not nearly as significant to my life as the ones WITHIN me. It is THERE that I must focus in order to bring any level of peace to my existence. It is WITHIN that I must draw my attention.

Because, no matter what the outside world offers, I believe in one sure truth: A faithful heart cannot hold fear.

Blessed Be!