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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Drawing Down the Moon

I've had the moon done for quite some time now. I always find it interesting to hear what others see in it. It was my intention, only, to paint a Blood Moon (a witch's moon). But, many things have leapt from its face at different times to me. What do you see?

So, while the background was done, I just couldn't decide what to add, what she called for, until I looked at it, sitting on the easel, the other day. And, it just screamed at me of the Drawing Down the Moon ceremony. Perhaps, I was inspired by celebrating Beltane with my sisters. Perhaps, it was the lusty May moon in the sky. Perhaps, it was divine whispering.

It doesn't really matter, the inspirational source. I've come to understand that intuitive painting is just about listening to that intuition and following its advice.

And, in some tangible way, its taught me to listen to my own intuition about things outside of career, my relationships, my life....and to follow that internal whisper (although, sometimes, quite frankly, its a shout) to its desired end. Surprise! The more I follow that guidance, the better my life becomes. Who'd have guessed?

Life is a blessing. Live it.


  1. This is a really powerful painting you are very talented. I see a baby in her mother's womb, probably the fertility and new beginnings of Beltane affecting me too lol! Loving your blog, if you would like to visit me back I'm at
    New moon blessings for you today, Alison

  2. I do see a face, looking down at the hands! Fantastic painting! I love it! Always listen, you will never go wrong ;o) All the best and many blessings ;o)