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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Continued -- Glam and Glory

I've continued working on the bags. I've done nearly a dozen in some cute Halloween fabric I've found, thinking they'd be cute for trick or treat bags for kids. (Excuse the mess of my sewing room floor. LOL)

I've also done a few capes and ponchos. This cape is by far the glammiest (is that a word, well, whatever). Its glorious pink satin on one side and gold stretch velvet on the other. VERY shiny.
I'm hoping everything does well at the festival this weekend! Wish me luck. Wrote this little ditty in response to a question for a free spot in an online art journaling class that I covet, but can't afford, so I thought I'd share it here:
There once was a creature named Cloudy.
People sometimes described her as dowdy.
She was quite curvy and round.
With lovely black hair, unbound.
Her eyes were green ice.
Her cheeks were right nice.
She wore dresses and smocks to the ground.
Breathy singing was always her sound.
Most people didn't think twice,
And certainly never thrice,
When Cloudy came into town,
In colors reminiscent of clowns.
But Cloudy was special, you see.
She lived with her soul wild and free.
She wandered and danced,
Chanted, sang, and romanced,
Under the moon, by the sea.
Her partner sometimes only the tree.
And, as she aged well,
Her story to tell,
Her soul lived wild and free.
And, Cloudy, is who I will be....MLW


  1. I am sure you are doing amazing this weekend at the festival! I love the items you have made! Sending you lots of good energy!
    I love your story/poem! Beautiful!
    Big hugs and many blessings ;o)