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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Truth as subjective

There is no one truth. There is only my truth. This doesn't in any way invalidate my truth. Instead, it gives it perspective.

For instance, my belief is that the universe is made up of energy... Tiny units all vibrating at different frequencies which give each it's unique form and function. Physics professors probably agree with my truth, in this case. Another person may believe that all life is made up of biological substances which are impacted by their physical environment, begetting their physical forms. For that person, life may end at death. Because I believe energy cannot be created nor destroyed, death cannot possibly be the end of life.

Which of us is right? We both are. Because we each have our own truth. The existence of consciousness after death is not proven. I cannot force my point, nor can the other person. I could muddy this water a thousand more times with additional diverse beliefs, but why bother?

About now, some astute person is pointing out that I'm talking about belief not truth. I would challenge them to differentiate the two concepts as to make them clearly separate. Really. I'm interested in your thoughts. If you look up the definitions of the words, you'll find each word used in the definition of the other. **smile**

Here is the point of this exercise in mental masturbation (you did know there had to be a point, right?):
If I understand that my truth belongs to me, I don't feel compelled to disrespect or belittle anyone else's truth. I can give it the same space I give my own without the compulsion to disprove it in order to prove myself correct. And, none of that is dependent upon whether I personally believe in any or all (or none) of the tenets of someone else's truth.

Is the subjective world of persons diagnosed with autism or psychosis any less valid than my own because I cannot see through their eyes or they through mine? Of course not. Their world is just as real and valid to them as mine is to me. We just don't have the same experience in the same place. Our worlds are different.

The world outside of us, after all, is quite often a greater reflection of our personal inner worlds than any other factor.

Let that sink in a minute.

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