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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Paint Cuatro

While I was preparing myself for my process painting lesson for AROUSE, I was reminded of the most wonderful experience I'd recently had at a Sound Healing workshop I'd attended with Angela Blueskies at KarmaFest. Angela and her companion, Adam, used many different instruments in the process of the hour-long experience...flute, guitar, drum, etc.

But, perhaps, the most powerful was Angela's voice and the voice of the participants. In the construct of using sound to find a place of healing, a place to bring about (or manifest) what is needed in your life, it was a powerful example of the utter radiance of the human essence. I remember being struck by how amazing it was to feel the Om vibration in and about my body, the way it sounded when listening from the inside and the out, the length of time I could continue to push the sound from my body, the tonal quality of the sound as it came into absolute perfect match to the other participants' Oms.

I should probably mention that my cats, Sunny (seen here) in particular, are always drawn whenever I work on my process painting. No matter what my activity, they can't seem to stay away.

Today, as I was experimenting in my painting, I decided to do an Om meditation to see what would happen. It was no less powerful than the previous workshop. As I practiced breathing deeply and allowing my breath to flow freely, or be forced, or to sing out of my body, the Om continued to vibrate in a way that attuned my being. No matter what I did, I couldn't help but be amazed by the power of the sound to engage my soul and heart and body in a way that nothing short of making love is capable of creating.

As my brush whispered across the board, all I could feel was tune -- the same tonal quality as my own breath. In fact, all things became connected in sound in the way that I have always known they were. It was a glorious representation of what it is to be interconnected...attached, but not dependent. And, for a few brief moments, I had the deepest sense of true form...true energy. I realize that this may sound flaky to some folks, but it brought tears to my eyes.

Because, it was then that I remembered....creation is a spiritual process. I am a spiritual being. My life is guided and protected. I am on a path that I was meant to follow. I am learning those things that I was intended to know. For this time, I feel awake....more aware than I'd ever felt before.

The ambiguity fell away for a few blissful minutes and I was sure, as sure as I breathe, that I'm as intended. There are no words to describe the feeling of acceptance and assurance that washed over. No words.

Blessed be.

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