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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Senses in Practice - Paint Deux

So, I'm continuing in my journey in the AROUSE online class that I'm taking. And, today, I most definitely recognized that a JOURNEY is what it is. I sometimes forget that life is constantly in motion, moving forward, no matter what my choice or intent. While I can go sideways, upwards, backwards, and down in my own development; life ONLY moves forward. And, with or without my consent, so do I.

There is no such thing as still. I am never still. I am in motion, constantly. My husband actually says that this is true, even while I sleep. {Side note: You would think I'd be very thin? Hmm. Will have to give that some thought. LOL.} As long as breath is in my body, my body moves. So, how do I balance that with my need for serenity? Easy.


Long ago, I gave up on the idea of mindfulness meditation in the tradition that requires utter stillness while you learn to disregard those little annoyances and distractions that are messages from your body -- like an itching nose, or a charlie horse in your toes. And, you are instructed to just 'sit through it, notice it, and let it go.' I'm so in awe of people who are geared for that type of self-discipline! I'm not one of them. And, you know what? That's totally OK!

I needn't perfect the ability to do anything or everything. What I need to do is to learn what is right for ME -- yep, no one else, just ME. And, I'm not one of those folks who do that form of meditation. You know what works for me? Sound healing, dancing trance, singing, walking labyrinths, and creating. I require meditation that allows me to become deeply aware of the messages of my body and to respond to them, accordingly. If my nose itches during movement, I scratch it. It doesn't detract from my meditative state. In fact, the relief of that annoyance, typically deepens it.

Many will disagree with me. That's OK. Your path is your own, just like my journey is mine.

Here is today's work. It absolutely brought home to me, that movement is eternal. It also reminded me that my journey belongs only to me. I am a study in movement. When I started painting, I had no concept of what would evolve. Even as it took form, I was struck by how what I thought some object was going to turn out was incorrect. As long as I didn't insert my own will, it just naturally became what was intended.
The other thing that struck me as terribly important: my senses and soul speak to me in symbol, more than in words. I don't necessarily have to interpret them, but (in the end) it often becomes obvious. My senses overlap and impact one upon the other...they are not individual, no matter how hard I try to focus on one particular thing.
Today, I was overwhelmed with gratitude, with freedom, and with joy. I'm a lucky, lucky girl.
What are you doing on your journey? What will you do today to recognize your motion?
Blessed Be!

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