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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

MY Responsibility

I normally do not rant on this blog, but I've become more and more concerned and discontent. I feel compelled to speak my own truth.

After years of watching our government make decisions based upon the pursuit of money and power rather than the health of its citizens, I have taken this tact: 


If we fail to stop supporting the corporate structure, it will continue to grow and flourish and control everything. I will not support it. This is my pledge: 

-I will conserve energy. 
-I will minimize my impact upon my earth by not wastefully purchasing or using any resource. 
-I will not support WAR for anything other than the protection of American citizens on American soil. I do not believe we have the right to tell other countries how to govern themselves or how to treat their citizens. When their citizens have had enough, their strength of numbers will not allow any corrupt or oppressive regime to remain. Our own government may wish to take heed of the same advice. 25% of American children are living in poverty. Why are we sending troops and money overseas? 
-The only way I will buy any logo or name-brand item is if it is USED or SECOND-HAND, in order to reduce manufacturing and damage to the earth. 
-I will continue to do those things that I do: minimize the use of plastic, recycle, reuse, compost, up-cycle, re-purpose, grow as much of my own food and herbs as possible, give only hand-made items as gifts and request the same. 
-I will use alternative and complementary medicines made by myself (or others competent to do so) rather than support unnecessary use of pharmaceuticals, an industry based on (in my opinion) treating symptoms to the exclusion of curing illness in the pursuit of financial gain.
-I will barter with others, when possible, to mutual satisfaction.
-I will buy only from people I can actually meet and speak to. If there is a corporate entity involved, I'm not interested. 
-I will treat others with respect and dignity. I will not belittle them, no matter their flaws. I will recognize my connection to every other thing on this planet and behave accordingly.

Its MY opinion. You needn't agree. In fact, post your own opinion on your own blog. If you are abusive on mine, I'll delete.


  1. Excellent post! I agree with everything you have said!!!

  2. Great post, totally agree with you!!! BTW, I have a little surprise for you my dear if you get a chance to drop by my blog! :)

    Big hugs,