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Saturday, August 6, 2016

keep it moving

For much of my adult life, I maintained an ecofeminist perspective. Half of you are probably baffled by what that means. In short (and this is the most rudimentary explanation), it means that I had a girl god and I believed in the power and importance of nature. I also believed that nature is somewhat feminine in characteristic and that women are responsible for protecting the earth's resources, as a result. Before other ecofeminists jump down my throat for that somewhat skewed and incredibly simplistic explanation... JUST STOP. Its not the point, anyway, so doesn't need to be beleaguered.

I found myself quite entrenched in a somewhat comparable religious community, where I never quite fit. Ever. I kept the feminist perspective and was introduced to the Red Tent Temple Movement, the Goddess Spirituality Movement, and dozens of others. And, still, I never quite fit. I had some shared understanding, but mostly was disappointed by the lack of ethical codes, morality, and a proliferation of infighting and ego battles.

My core beliefs are these:
1. All things are made of energy -- the SAME energy. Therefore, all things are connected and impact upon one another.
2. Kindness, compassion, and humility are absolutely necessary for each person to strive toward.
3. There is no one truth. There is only my truth.
4. Self-fulfilling prophecies are real.
5. Each person creates their own reality through their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
6. Everyone is responsible for their own choices, and the consequences of those choices.
7. There is a plan. We can mess up that plan via stubbornness and failure to follow our intended path. (No, I don't think the path is paved...more ambiguous than that.)
8. People enter our lives because they are supposed to. We have lessons to learn and teach in this life.
9. Every single thing has a purpose and meaning.
10. The universe is intelligent.
11. There are no gender roles (they are culturally created and enforced concepts that don't really exist in the natural world). There's no girl god or boy god. There's only GOD. Its bigger than gender. Its bigger and more mysterious than some reflection of human characteristics.

Yes, I'm comfortably in the new age, metaphysical perspective. And, yes, my American Indian and northern Euro mystic heritages play a part in my thoughts. Yes, I'm totally fine with that. No, I didn't fit well in my previous community. Yes, I left it. Yes, I'm a little sad about it. Yes, I let go of everyone who I don't have a real relationship with, or with whom I wouldn't spend time with aside from religious interaction.

I imagine this is very much like someone who left one worship home and went to another for whatever irreconcilable differences they experienced at their previous house of worship. Its sad. There are people you will miss. But, its usually a reflection of deeper self awareness and understanding. I don't like labels. I don't want to be a part of any religious community that requires me to use a variety of monikers to identify myself, or to smash myself into any belief system.

But, the real, bottom-line issue is: I don't want to be a part of any religious community where I cannot, will not share common values (or lack of) with the larger segment. I will carve out my own world where I find commonality, I guess. For now, I'll call myself a 'seeker.'

And, on the travels go. Because, I needn't worry about spiritual growth, as long as I keep it moving....


  1. Very interesting read! A lot of the beliefs you have, I share with you!

    1. Its so nice to hear from you, Stac! I hope you're well.

    2. Very well my friend! Big Hugs! So happy to see you again! I hope you are well too!

    3. I am well. :) My life has gone topsy turvy in the last year, but all's sorting itself out.