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Friday, February 12, 2010

My niece's outfit FINISHED

Ok, its finally done! The bunched skirt was a challenge. The pattern calls for plastic o'rings, but I just couldn't make that work with the historical concept, so I made a few modifications:

1. I used ribbons to bussle it up, rather than o'rings. 9 ribbons are placed on the outside of the underskirt and the inside of the top skirt.

2. I couldn't justify a zipper, either. Plus, my niece has a tiny 25" waist and more ample hips, so I added a finished back open seam with eyelets and pink ribbon lacing to match the top.

Here's the finished project:

You can see the the underskirt is navy blue satin to match the bodice. The overskirt is a turquoise. Both are bridal weight satin from a steal deal on ebay! ($2/yd)

And, here is the finished set:

So pleased with the result! Now, it just needs the clasp on the back of the skirt (I'm using a stainless steel frog closure), but it must be checked for exact fit. With the back to back blizzards we've had in the Mid-Atlantic, and my previous strep throat, I haven't been able to have my niece over for her final fitting, but I'm expecting that to happen this weekend! So excited!

Now, its on to my newest project. Sneak peek:

It will be something very similar to this for my sister. Butterick pattern 4571. (You'll remember this from the modifications I did to this pattern for my daughter's dress not long ago.)

Except, this will be in kelly green and ivory bridal weight satin for my sister, with white lacing ribbon up the back in 24 eyelets. Antique lace trim will finish it out. 

So far, I've only got the bodice lined and together. Here it is:

You can see how absolutely beautiful the color is! More, as it comes together.

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