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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Something different...

I had an idea, for something different...something more a display of who and what I am, as a person. In many ways, I want to express not just my love for color and pattern and what my eyes and hand create, but also my love of words, symbols, and the accompanying pictures they hold.
So, I began this particular project. I started with big, bold strokes, blended and brushed to mix them one amongst the other. Bright, sharp colors of the spectrum. Then, I added a center -- something to draw and hold all of it together.
And, finally, I added the symbols. And, it turned out to be something entirely different than what I'd initially intended. In the end, it became not about me, at all, but a gift.
The symbols on the painting are all Runes:
1. In the center, Yr offers defense against any and all negative forces (gold)
2. To the left, Peorth offers insight and divination (pink)
3. Slightly above and to the left, an invocation for the Goddess and her energy and protection (silver)
4. Directly below the Goddess, Cweorp offers the ability to overcome (green)
5. Left again and up, is Stan, representing protection as the sheild of Odin (yellow)
6. Directly above, Wynn is the symbol of joy (clear)

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