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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Total Alignment: 4 Total Self Expression

As you know, I've been working my way through the FREE Online class, Total Alignment, from Dirty Footprints Studio. Today, I worked on Invitation 4: Total Self Expression. I've often wondered if the concept is even possible. We spend so much time censoring ourselves for so many reasons:
-to protect ourselves from rejection by others
-to present the face that we believe others want/need to see
-to hide our sense of unworthiness
-for fear of repercussions
-to be "PC" in our own circles
-fear of our own power
-diminishing our self to allow someone else to take the spotlight
Why do we do these things? In the case of women, I think we were socialized into the belief that we SHOULD do them; that its not okay to be powerful or strong or outspoken; that we should always put others first.

I ask you this: if we are always putting other people's needs in front of our own, won't we lose touch with what our own needs are? Won't we diminish until nothing is left? Isn't OUR voice important?
My answer to all those questions: a resounding YES!

Is this a one-time process for me? Nope. I will need to continue to seek my authentic self, forever; to determine what and why I'm hiding; and to free my voice-- quite literally.

What do you hide? Who are you, really?


  1. I am SO glad you've worked through Total Alignment!! Fearless Painting can crack us open! Your dedication to exploring your process and inner voice truly inspires me, Michele!

    1. Thank you, Hali. It has brought me to a much more peaceful place and added tools to increase my serenity. I understand myself better, which is probably the biggest gift. It was serendipity to have stumbled onto your page. It brought me to my journey! :)