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Saturday, November 24, 2012


I worked on her some more. She's a beauty, but she just doesn't seem to be speaking to me. So, back on the standing easel she went to rest until she decided to be more communicative.
Yesterday, was one of those days, for me. You know those days. The ones where everything you attempt takes an unintended turn and you're not sure where you were going, to begin with. Pretty much all my attempts went sideways, like that. I started a new project, just to get the first layer down, and to begin building the texture and the time. It took less time than I expected and didn't look like I envisioned. Honestly, I'm used to that. Rarely do they ever look like I imagine them, pre-process. Why do you think that is?
My opinion? Because I really don't know the big picture. I don't know where my life, or life as a whole, is headed. I don't know what is in store for me, or you, or even the planet. I have my opinions, and my guesses. But, they are not set in stone. In my mind, the glory of life is that it is revealed in sunrise at a time, one touch at a time, one smile at a time, one tear at a time, one ticking second at a time...until each experience builds, one upon another, like the texture of skin against silk, or fur against soil, or layers of paint.
Because, in the end, its not the years that we live that matters, its the feel of the moments in between.


  1. Your painting has a lot of feeling in it! Living every moment to the fullest is what truly matters and be grateful ;o) Blessings my friend ;o)

    1. blessings Stac! Sending you lots of love and gratitude! xoxo