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Friday, January 29, 2010

The Fairy Dress

This is the fairy dress...iridescent pink satin with a burgundy chiffon overlay.

Detached sleeves...

It still requires the flowers and ribbon trim, which I just havent found the right one, yet. Also needs a slight adjustment of the elastic on the waste of the underskirt for a more appropriate fit. Feel like I look FAT in this one...

Variation of Simplicity pattern 3632. Be cautious with the seams. Chiffon and satin are a pain to work with -- french seams work best (sewn, rolled, sewn again, trimmed close).

But, this was a fairly easy pattern to put together, other than the difficult materials. I'm thinking I'm going to redo the underskirt to be double layers of chiffon to give a more flowing, slight look to it. The slip doesn't quite match up perfectly with the overlay. Gonna work on that one.

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