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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Gold Brocade

With the obvious exception of my children, this is undoubtedly the most beautiful thing I've ever made...

It is 18 yards of beautiful gold brocade with a tiny white embroidered leaf pattern.

There are 12 stainless steel frog closures on the front and sleeves.

The bodice is fully lined with white, 100% cotton muslin. The sleeves extend nearly to the bottom hem of the dress.

Its so heavy, that I now realize why wealthy women of the rennaisance age needed ladies in waiting to assist them in dressing! You simply cannot put this one on by yourself!

I found a steal deal on the gold brocade on ebay. The 18 yards cost me about $45 US. WOW!

I got the stainless steel frogs on clearance at Hancock Fabrics for about $1 US for a pack of 8.

It is McCalls Pattern 4997:

The only thing remaining to be done to the dress is to add the weights at the end of each sleeve; however, I've yet to find anything that I like enough to put on my dress. I'm thinking that a trip to the antiques store may yield some antique fishing weights that would be lovely.

I'm so absolutely tickled with this one that it appears on the right of my main screen. I'm growing my hair out some just to wear it in fashion!

Love to hear your thoughts! On a strange note, I haven't felt this level of satisfaction with anything I've done in a LONG time. Its quite wonderful.

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