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Monday, January 25, 2010


Welcome to everyone! For my love of all things rennaissance, I've elected to show off some of my creations for the masses. I know, I know. Its vain on my part. Yet, I'm ok with it!

I do, very much, consider myself a rennaissance woman. I have multiple college degrees, and am working on my doctorate in Natural Health (a field divergent from my previous three degrees in Counseling, Behavioral Science, and Human Services). I am a follower of the Goddess, and feel the pulse of Mother Earth. I'm employed as a social work supervisor and adjunct faculty for my local college. Additionally, I'm a practicing herbalist and assist my clients to find alternative methods to health, as well as providing complementary approaches to assist with existing medical treatment. As a lover of wine, I've traveled to many obscure orchards to try small wine-maker's fare. My Harley is my preferred means of transportation, in conjunction with my feet. As an avid hiker, I have a special affinity for the Appalacian range and travel there several times a year to be with nature.

My hobby as a seamstress began as a very young child, at the knee of my Grandmom who was an actual seamstress by trade. I learned my first stitches and all of the basics with her, as well as how to run her old treadle machine, which I used all through my childhood. Now, in her 90s, my Grandmom can no longer sew or do any of the needlework that she was so reknowned within our family for; but, she lives a more peaceful kind of life with little to keep her hands busy. Blessed be my aunt and uncle for being her caregivers! The point of this story, of course, is that (at my Grandmom's feet) I learned to see the beauty in stitches. I recently told someone that I make beautiful things to make up for not being beautiful myself. Until it came from my mouth, I'd had no conscious knowledge of that fact. Yet, as soon as it was out, I realized how true it was.

As a Libra, I appreciate and seek beauty in all things, both aesthetic and ethereal. The simplicity of a chainstitch is a demonstration of absolute life. The randomness of a zig-zag stitch demonstrates the interlocking nature of all things. In many ways, this is my contribution to the world. Simple, pleasurable, and lovely. I hope that you will enjoy what I have to offer you, here.

I frequently take on projects for friends and relatives, and would be more than willing to speak with anyone who's interested in a piece for themselves. I have, and continue to do, clothing from other periods, as well, and costumes of fancy. I'm also happy to give some direction as far as fabric choices or if you get stuck on a project of your own. I sincerely hope that we will be able to share conversation with each other regarding our creative exploits!

Blessed Be!

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