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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kate's Dress

Finally! My daughter's rennaissance dress is finished! This is white satin and gold lame with braided gold cord, basic muslin lining, and interfacing for the laces.

Its a variation on Butterick pattern 4571, with my own changes --
1. I made the skirt a broader A-line
2. I angled the bottom of the skirt (near the hem) with a dramatic slant to give the 'angel-wing' appearance that it currently has
3. I raised the waist a few inches (to the natural waist)
4. I rounded the waist out to eliminate the deep 'v' in the front where the skirt meets the bodice
5. I interfaced the sleeves to give them a heavier drape and more substance

Here it is, pre-sleeves, hem, and trim...

Post sleeves, pre-hem and trim...

On the hanger before the final fitting...

And, with my final modification -- ribbons to bussle it up and save that pretty hem in the dirt when needed.

WOW! Was this one an experience. An incredible amount of hand-stitched detail with the trim and slip-stitching to close up all the lined areas. Thank goodness, it came out beautifully. The back is set in eyelets and laced with ribbon. The dress, size wise, is very forgiving in the bust, waist, and hip area because of the eyelets. The arms, however, need to be spot-on for size in order to make it work.

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