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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Part Two: Activation: Learning to Ground

How do I feel connected to the earth? This is the lesson I learned in completing my painting for today. How am I grounded? What keeps my feet rooted and planted?
And, even deeper questions: What is my core? Who am I, really?
This music really called to me. I spent more than a few times, dancing through the video, above -- eyes closed, feeling the weight of my feet, the power of the connection to the earth, the ancient mystery of her existence. I have always felt a powerful affiliation with the soil beneath me. Cliche as it may sound, I really do feel the earth bleed. Cruel actions which tear up her crust, demolish her meadows, and rape her resources are painful to witness.
She calls to me and grounds me. Whenever my head gets too far out of whack, I focus on what I can see NOW. That is almost always a facet of Mother Earth. It reminds me of my place. It reminds me of the need for humility -- I am no more important than the dragonfly I was watching this morning. I am no less valuable to the system of creatures upon our planet.
What is inside my core? Slime and sensuality. Greed and compassion. Strength and suffering. Solitude and friend. Light and dark. Angel and demon. Yin and yang. Life and death. Cruelty and kindness. The dichotomy of duality. I am all things and nothing. Just as you are.
Who am I, really? I am a work in progress. I am alive. I am blessed. I am flawed. Who are you?




  1. This "duality" - this contrast - it is a passion of my soul and a reality of our experience. I appreciate you so much, Michele. Thank you for opening your truths to the world - your voice is needed.

    1. Hali, it is one that I've also felt close to for quite a while, now. And, exploring that aspect of myself without judgment has been a real challenge. I appreciate your words. They give me strength. :)